Gluten Free Festival at Limehouse Basin – Full Trader List Announced

gluten free cakes at the camden gluten free festival

Here is a full list of all the amazing food traders you’ll see at The Gluten Free Street Food Festival at Limehouse Basin Market on April 29th.


Louisiana Chilli Shack                              

Always Gluten Free, Always Fresh, Always Delicious. The finest chilli with a menu including beef, chicken & veggie options all can be served with rice, corn pancakes or tortilla chips.

The Chilli Shack is also home to Sarah one half of GFFood Festivals founding spark & a keen street food entrepreneur thats been here since the beginning.




Maize Blaze 

Maize Blaze was born out of a desire to bring Ruth’s Colombian food memories to life in London. The aim is to bring all the most wonderful elements of Colombian coffee, food and drinks and deliver them in a really accessible way via street food, pop ups, catering and cocktails nights!

Their food is naturally gluten free and has a strong focus on their products being made in-house and being as green as possible by using only biodegradable packaging.



Happy Crepes

Their team has 11 years experience trading at festivals such as Glastonbury, Download, Secret Garden Party, Lovebox, Wickerman & more! Found under a beautiful marquee always looking fun and friendly!

They have always offered many vegetarian and Gluten Free options, lot’s for £3.50!  Their snacks are all healthy, made of fresh and nutritious ingredients both sweet & savoury so plenty to choose from.



Feed Me Primal 

Feed Me Primal is the UK’s only paleo street food stall and has been part of some of the biggest markets and events across London since 2014. Founded by Gemma Callander, her mission is to create food that is grain-free, delicious and made from scratch every day.

Using loads of seasonal, local vegetables and free-range, grass-fed meat, they have a loyal following wherever they go including their new eatery at Boxpark Croydon. They will be bringing  their signature coconut and almond flatbreads, cauliflower rice and herb garden. Go on, feed your inner caveman!



Rupert’s Street 

Rupert’s is a vegan street food truck that serves sustainable healthy food that’s good for you. They serve customers the highest possible quality vegan dishes, organic were possible, at reasonable prices.

With a clear objective towards health and the benefits that a meat and dairy free diet can offer, their tofu tikka wraps & beetroot with chickpea burgers are something to behold.




Sticky Bundits

Chris always wanted to run his own business and food was the obvious choice.  With a passion for exotic tastes developed during a year teaching in Japan & traveling in Asia, which he has capitalised on for his street food business. His fusion rice burgers are based on an idea from a favourite fast food place in Japan and the Vietnamese dish pulls apart a noodle soup dish- a most memorable meal in Hanoi.

Although he doesn’t eat gluten free or dairy free himself, on devising the dishes it became obvious that with rice buns it was a quick win, so he took gluten out of the other elements too. The result is a very tasty menu for all with lots of memories rolled in.


Pizza Federicci 

Born and raised in Rome, Pizza Federicci founder Fede knows all about good pizza. A move from London to the heart of the Kent countryside meant an opportunity for a traditional authentic Italian wood-fired pizza oven at home, and Fede quickly started to enjoy making delicious pizza for family and friends. He leapt at the chance to travel to Venice to attend the Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli, and having qualified as a pizza chef.

Lots of hard work, market research and pizzas later, Pizza Federicci was born. Since forming the business three and a half years ago, they have always been keen to offer a gluten free option for their customers and now have a dedicated customer base based from that tried and tested dough recipe, that some says doesn’t taste any different from the rest of their tasty menu.


Old Granary Pierogi

Old Granary Pierogi is the brain child of a close knit Polish family that has chosen to settle in wonderful rural Herefordshire, embracing British cuisine and infusing it with Polish culinary knowledge and heritage. Pierogi is a traditional, hearty Polish dish which resembles Italian ravioli when boiled or the traditional Cornish pasty when baked. They specialise in baked pierogi which are hand crafted in yeast dough cases, hand rolled and stuffed with a variety of meaty and vegetarian fillings with many ingredients being organic and free-range and sourced or foraged locally.

Their gluten-free range was created for a friend, who got diagnosed with celiac disease and couldn’t enjoy her favourite pierogi anymore. Adapting the recipe, swapping wheat flour with the chickpea flour, using all gluten-free ingredients was simple & yummy.



SVPPLÌERS are 5 Roman Londoners, friends for decades with a passion for Italian snack foods. Think of arancini – suppli is smaller in size & as a result more rich in flavour. Their tasteful sauce is well blended inside creating a heart of melting cheese! Bringing a truly Roman concept of snacking & cuisine innovation blending Italian & UK traditions to great tasteful flavours.

Their food is addictive with premium ingredients, veggie-friendly flavours and of course gluten free. Made without wheat, very versatile and perfect for a quick bite with a beer.



Crocus Paella 

We love PAELLA. And we love STREET FOOD. So we couldn’t have not have Crocus Paella, who cook everything from scratch and with very selective ingredients so they can offer the best quality & taste.

So apart from the local produce that they use where possible, most of them are from Iberica Spanish Food, an award-winning importer of authentic and traditional Spanish products, based in Brighton They’re big secret… excellent quality saffron! a.k.a. Crocus Sativus



Naughty Roti

Rebecca makes delicious Indian curries using recipes passed down from her grandmother. All the curries they make are gluten free, dairy free, include no ghee or cream and minimal oil.

They are trying to make Indian food a competitive lunchtime option rather than a “treat” food, which we completely support.  Curries all about the quality of ingredients and a delicate spice mix.





Soon after I turned vegan, Malobi wanted to provide vegan food that was also enjoyable for meat eaters, in order to help them transition to a healthier diet. Now after becoming gluten free, all of their food is gluten free as well! Now there is no need to compromise your health for great tasting food. In fact, their motto is – ‘healthy, conscious and tasty, no compromise’.

Eventually they decided it would be a good idea to open a market stall and now here they are! Malobi thinks we live in an important time when people are more conscious of themselves, the animals and the environment and is honoured to be part of that awakening. Us too!



Gelatology was born out of the sheer frustration of two gelato lovers about how hard it is to find proper gelato in London. They aim at fulfilling a single goal: to allow our customers to enjoy awesome gelato as if in Italy… but close to home.

They do this by creating gelato with near scientific rigour and a cult-like devotion. Their gelatos and sorbets use truly fresh and natural ingredients, and aim at surprising tastebuds with unexpected textures and flavour combinations.


Cupcakes and Shhht!

Another of our Camden originals, Caitlyn & Sophie create a delicious variety of gluten free, vegan, raw, baked and refined sugar free sweet treats, as well as savoury brunch menu in their cafe.

It is a passion to push forwards fun, healthy and nutritional food and to spread our love and wisdom for this with everyone else.




TReat Healthy Gluten Free 

TReat of East London, is a collection of locally sourced, organically produced, lovingly baked, hand made ‘healthy gluten free’ foods, produced by Farzana and her team in East London. In 2007 whilst working as an Architect, Farzana discovered she was unable to eat many of the staple foods that we have all grown up with. It was clear that there was little of good quality available to gluten intolerant sufferers.

Days and nights were spent obsessively combining fresh ingredients , sourcing healthy fats, blending , baking and preparing subtle combinations of healthy recipes with delicate tastes. Through years of experience and experiments, TReat was created. They adhere to 6 basic rules – gluten free, dairy free, no refined sugars, no unhealthy gums, starches and unhealthy fats.


Clean Fresh – The Raw Food Dude

Justin started his busines because he had a passion for healthy foods and drinks. He believe there is a demand now more than ever for this. Having always believed that diet is the key to longevity and health.

He has had type 1 diabetes for 19 years and hasn’t let it affect my health all thanks to this lifestyle. We offer a Mobile juice bar & vegan catering for events in the South-east. They use free-from foods, and local organic produce.




Artisan Gluten Free Bakery

We have perfected our signature gluten free loaves only using simple, honest, store cupboard ingredients.  Our gluten free bread actually looks and tastes like real bread and our customers love it.

The joy of good gluten free bread cannot be underestimated and ours is incredible. 



Holistic Biscuit

New to the scene, beautifully crafted.  Holistic Biscuit makes vegan / GF / refined sugar free, confectionery, and also live cultured cashew cheeses. All made from wholefood organic produce.






Serious Hashbrowns

Serious hashbrowns like you have never seen them before.

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  1. Colin Lynn|

    Enjoyed my afternoon in Food Paradise.

    Thought I Died & home to Heaven – very impressed with the food stalls.

    Any chance u folks would consider having a mini festival in the Southbank area as there is a very – very limited selection of stalls etc this side of the water.

    My favourite stall was the “Old Granary” & l will now be stalking them now, when they are in the London areas.

    Plus from the 1st May – l will be able to order my Pierogi online.I

    Keep up the great work.


    One very Gluten Free – Happy Visitor.

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