Camden Market 2018 Food Traders

We are happy to announce the list of traders for our July festival in Camden, several of these names have been with us since the festival started but there is lots of new names too keeping the tastes exciting. Find our market this summer on Camden Lock Place just off Chalk Farm Road in the heart of Camden Market.

Cupcakes n Shhht

Cupcakes and other sweet treats

You all know them, a staple of our Gluten Free Festivals! Caitlyn & Sophie create a delicious variety of cake themed desserts ALL gluten free. Lots of raw and vegan options, no refined sugars; these ladies optimise healthy, nutritious and delicious. Don’t leave without a bag full for friends (aka. eat later on train home).

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Rana’s Bakery

From South London & award winning

Rana’s Bakery is headed up by a celiac and a lifelong food lover; both on a mission to make the best Gluten Free crusty bread. They now make loaves, rolls, bagels, pizza bases, bread mixes and more; which they even deliver to your door! Check out her recipe Blog it’s full of great ideas.

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Hunter & Gather Foods

Uk’s First Avocado oil Mayonnaise

A couple sharing their passion for food, oh and one’s a celiac! So all their foods are honest, free from sugars, poor quality fats & of course grain free. With a nod to Paleo values (it’s in the name) this pair have some products to help you cook from scratch & enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Don’t forget to say hello to Amy & Jeff at the festival.

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Healthy Fruit Snack Packs

A mum with a real simple idea; my kids liked dried fruit as snacks… others will too. LioBites are 100% fruit crisps. They are picked at their ripest so the sweetness of the season is locked in along with the maximum nutrition and vitamins. Then they are dried to get that great crunch which we all know isn’t just for kids, so try these and get obsessed like us.

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Vegan Belgian waffles for all

Carla’s artisan recipes focus on quality and tradition. Delicately sweet waffles that are fresh, crisp on the outside soft on the inside, and the smell…. Need me say more. Everyone likes waffles right and with her gluten free, paleo, vegan options coming to GFF we think we’ll start with dessert. 

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Pupusas from El Salvador

You might not have tried these before, a company dedicated to the preparation of pupusas a speciality from Central America made up of corn tortilla stuffed with savoury filling. Quinta’s has their own nutritious recipes using organic beans and of course all Gluten Free. We are dying to try the chilli con carne flavour, how about you?

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PJ Kombucha

Authentic Kombucha with a special tea blend

A raw process creates a sweetened fermented healthy tea drink known popularly as Kombucha. Patrick couldn’t find a Kombucha on the market he liked so started making his own, he has moved from the kitchen operation to a large facility after the drinks success here in the UK. No fear though it’s still made with a dedicated to making each bottle with the same love and care. Flavours include: Orange Hibiscus and Ginger & lime.

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WaterLily Pop

For all snacking connoisseurs 

Tasty, crunchy and good for you. Do you believe in feel good snacking? Well so do these guys. Discovered on an trip to India, waterlily seeds a superfood that just needs a gourmet touch to make a great snack. Both sweet & savoury we are looking forward to trying these.

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Thomas Kondiments

My Sauce 

Another saucy offering this vegetarian & vegan friendly Caribbean recipe hopes to bring flavour to every dish. Natural plant based means it lead the way in more dietary conscious sauces. With two levels of heat the scotch bonnet sauce is going to be making it’s way on to our plates. Maybe with a beer close by just in case.

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Green Sisters

Hungry for a Samosa? 

Two sisters who want to share they food culture with you! It’s not just about eating but sharing. Along the way they have been challenged by nature to make what they liked to call ‘considered dining’ which is now part of their daily make-up. Their food is 3 free; meaning no gluten, no meat produce, no eggs but still full of flavour.

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Forever Living

Discover the power of Aloe from plant to product. 

Dedicated to seeking our nature’s best sources for health, beauty and drinking. This visiting American brand makes plant based products including energy drinks! Have you ever heard of such a thing, I’m sure we are going to be learning something new from Forever Living.

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Zims Tribe

Sweet an punchy sauce infusions

Zims Tribe want to jiggle your pallet with spicy, mouth-watering flavours from Africa. With a tweaked traditional recipe passed down through Nigerian heritage this sauce marinade will make you smile. Andrew combined influences from everyone in his life to make this recipe, let us know what you think.

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Kang Foo Noodles

Fresh Panda Noodles

Exotic tastes of the East, a married duo share their fresh dishes just like you would get them in Chengdu, China.

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Hot Latin fusion food.

Making yummy aerpas made up of 100% Gluten Free corn bread and with plantains on the side get ready to be transported to Venezuela and Ecuador.

Kally Cooks

Plant based Indian fusion.

Using the best ingredients that are good for you body and soul making up colourful lunch options. Mumbai potato rosti, spiced cauliflower quinoa each served with brown rice salad and the not to be missed aubergine puree, and apple & mint chutney.

4 spices

Caribbean Soul Food 

One of our few returning traders from last years Camden Market these tasty ladies run stall is full of comfort food. Lamb curry, chicken wings and plenty of rice sides. We hope they are bringing back the 3 colour punch we love that stuff.


Elsewhere on Camden Market there are regular food traders that are also Gluten Free; find them all over the market. Identify them by a sign with the Gluten Free Food Festival Logo on.  




There’s a huge selection of curries to choose from (most of which are also vegan!) Choose between lamb and aubergine curry, chicken and red pepper curry, vegetarian curry, mixed vegetable curry and tadka dal.

Kerb, West Yard – The Lock




Maize Blaze

Maize Blaze’s food is all 100% gluten free and vegan friendly, with options including the Colombian Marching Box: succulent grilled chicken, smoked chorizo, sautéed mini potatoes, sweet fried plantain, garlic rice, slow-cooked red beans, guacamole and balsamic red cabbage and mixed leaf salad or the Lean Mean Vegan Machine (which is essentially the same minus the meat!)

Kerb, West Yard – The Lock 




Oli Baba’s

Instagram favourite and one of KERB Camden Market’s top traders, Oli Baba’s halloumi fries topped with pomegranate, yoghurt, mint and sumac are 100% gluten free.

Kerb, West Yard – The Lock






Club Mexicana

Club Mexicana’s infamous nachos with vegan cheeze sauce, black beans, guacamole, tomatillo salsa pink pickled onions and sour cream are all good for coeliacs, plus the rest of the menu can also be adapted.

Kerb, West Yard – The Lock






Crepes a la carte

Forget crepes, try a buckwheat galette, made fresh and filled with a variety of toppings, including Emmental cheese, mushrooms, spinach, egg, goat’s cheese. If you have a sweet tooth: homemade salted butter caramel, lemon sugar, butter and cinnamon are all on the menu.

 Middle Yard – The Lock



Considering that Italy is practically the home of gluten-based dishes, the creators of Leggero’s gluten-free menu have made it their mission to design dishes that all can enjoy, without taking away from the delicious-ness of traditional, homemade Italian food. Now endorsed by Coeliac UK, their menu of pastas, lasagnas and arancini are suitable for types of dietary requirement and also make for a delicious lunch.

Unit 731 North Yard – Stables 

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