The Gluten Free Street Food Festival is London’s original and only free celebration of gluten-free food.

Launched in 2012, the festival started with a simple idea. Street food extraordinaire Sarah Kettel, who was trading in Camden Lock Market’s infamous West Yard at the time, went to the market management with an idea to launch a gluten free street food event. With so many fantastic gluten-free options already trading in the market, she wanted a way of pulling it altogether and showcasing it.


Sarah’s idea sparked the imagination of Jackie Clode-Dickens, the then Head of Marketing for Camden Lock Market. She convinced the management to give them some space for the event and threw some of her meagre budget behind it. And behold, the Gluten Free Street Food Festival was born.

With a lot of hard work, some pretty awesome gluten free food, powerful partnerships and amazing PR and blogger support, the Festival went from being a one day event on a lonely Friday to taking over a significant section of the market for a whole weekend (no mean feat in Camden at the weekend) twice a year, and was the most successful, long-term event in the market’s recent history. Sarah and Jackie believe passionately in the inclusivity of the Festival, the basic premise that street food is something to be enjoyed together, with friends, with family, with strangers. Which is why the Gluten Free Street Food Festival prioritises innovative and delicious food at its very heart, that also happens to be gluten free. From cakes, bread and desserts, through to delectable dishes from all over the world, the Gluten Free Street Food Festival brings people together who simply enjoy eating.

And if there’s one thing we love, it’s EATING!

Festival founders Jackie Clode-Dickens and Sarah Kettel

We can’t wait to welcome you to the next Gluten Free Street Food Festival!


Jax and Sarah